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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lake Travis and Oasis, Texas

Photographed this month.

We moved on to a different, much less crowded, location for drinks, so I didn't actually stick around for the sunset view.


  1. Oh, but what a beautiful view you did get!

  2. Thanks, Adele.

    We could have stuck around, but I have a short attention span for views and the bartender was overloaded with orders, so . . . .

  3. this is maybe a silly question but you being a native of CA will understand - do they have snakes in those rivers and lakes? deadly snakes?

  4. Yes and yes. At least, I can't imagine why not. Though people swim in this stuff and survive just fine, as a rule.

    For me, the big problem is the mosquito. I'm apparently delicious.

    The scary part of this area for most folks is known as "hippie hollow." It's the nude beach. Of course, as a seasoned figure drawer, not scary to me.

  5. A place called Oasis Texas - that picture says it all!

  6. The picture understates it. This development feels a bit like Vegas.


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