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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Night Falls on the River at County Line Barbeque

We abandoned Oasis for drinks (beer recommended) and ribs (pork recommended) outdoors at County Line in Austin.  The creek is Bull Creek, full of turtles that night.  Lovely and peaceful.


  1. That is peaceful. The tourism board should hire you...

  2. It does look peaceful Jean. I really like the second photograph with the tiny woman in the turquoise cami crouched in all that darkness. Beautiful. Congratulations on your Zen win (of course you would be tied with a Pasadena person, the site was loaded with Pasadena this and that. Being an outsider, the award was very well deserved and holds more clout)

  3. Thanks, Adele. These places I've been featuring are all well known and beloved parts of Austin and the surrounding countryside.

    Thanks, Linda. I have a not so secret weapon: for several years, Pasadena was my home.

  4. A friend took me to see Barton Spring when I visited Austin. Beautiful place and packed with people having a great time.

  5. It is only one of the Austin pools. The oldest is Deep Eddy. Maybe next visit.

    Btw, all the pools are top optional, I have been told.


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