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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breakfast At Tacodeli: Doggone Good

Photographed early morning at Tacodeli (the central branch), last month.

Tacodeli is a local taco place, serving breakfast and lunch.

For those unfamiliar with the breakfast taco, it is a bit of scrambled egg et cetera tucked into a small soft tortilla.  I prefer the corn tortillas.

The breakfast tacos are terrific, and so is the crowd, especially on the patio.


  1. I hope pooch got a taco, it would be cruel and unusual punishment to leave unsatisfied.

  2. Paula, this pooch belongs to the privileged class. I suspect it only gets the healthiest of eats.

    It was very patient and well-behaved, while it's person went to get food and drinks.

  3. What a great dining companion!

  4. He wasn't he only dog, just the most instantly endearing. Something about his goofy face and his bushy tail.

  5. what a beautiful big dog - such a face!!

  6. I know! He was just irresistible to passersby and to me, too.

  7. Oh hello! Irresistible is the word.


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