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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Between Midnight and Morning

Photographed May 21, between midnight and morning.

Sometimes the deer like to bed down in the meadow outside our bedroom window. 


  1. I guess the greenery is too hard to resist. There's some town that has a park ranger that uses a herding dog to keep them out of their town. Otherwise they would be overrun. They're much larger up north too, which also makes them dangerous so I guess they don't have any choice.

  2. They are dangerous, somewhat, here too. At least they are beautiful.

  3. You may miss Pasadena but you won't see that here. Altadena, yes. You've got to get right up to the hills to see these creatures.

  4. When we lived in Pacific Palisades, we lived above Sunset and often saw deer in the back "yard"--actually hillside. But the deer ran from humans and would never have put up with me photographing them.

  5. are you living on a large lot? is this undeveloped land next to you? trying to get a sense of the layout. I'll tell you...about 6 months ago I was getting off the Figuroa offramp from the 134. It does that weird loop with land within the loop. I looked to my right and a big stag was getting ready to jump onto the offramp. Got to the bottom of the ramp and watched the deer running frantically in front of passenger truck that was behind me. Spent the next couple of hours listening for reports of a deer on the freeway. It happens. Guess he found his way back under the freeway and into the hills behind the Eagle Rock

  6. Yes, it's a large lot by LA standards. By Austin standards, it's a small lot.

    I call this part of it the meadow because it has grassy stuff. Nobody mows it, and the deer like to hang out on it and nibble.

    Most of the lot is oaks. Lots of cover from predators for birds and small animals.


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