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Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Year's Model

A fawn photographed late last spring (2011).  On our walkway.  Its mom was nearby.

I think I've confirmed part of the reason these deer don't fear humans.  Last night, I saw a woman beckoning to the deer, with a shallow platter of fresh veg offerings.  Attractively arranged.


  1. Thanks, Sonia.

    I haven't seen any fawns yet, this year, b ut any day, now . . . .

  2. how did you ever survive that austin summer? wasn't it over a 100 degrees for over a 100 days?

  3. PA, it was the heat and the humidity and the drought, which created fire conditions. It NEVER cooled down, for months, just kept getting hotter. Because of the humidity, it wasn't even cool at night.

    Aren't you glad you asked? I'm still traumatized. It's why I stopped painting: I couldn't have the windows open AND I couldn't paint outdoors.

  4. Your nerves must have been absolutely frayed. How do roofers etc do it?

  5. Everyone who can leave, does.

    Everyone else, drinks a lot.

  6. And kind of goofy, too. Thanks, Adam.

  7. I can imagine the little thing wobbling along on those spindley legs!

  8. Ann, they are awkwardly graceful (or gracefully awkward).

    Funniest last year, was when my husband and I were out walking and surprised a fawn (the surprise was mutual).

    The little thing startled, tried to go in two different directions at once, fell down, righted itself and hurried off to mama.

  9. I, also, do not fear humans with attractively arranged veg platters. They are generally nice people. Love this photo. Makes me feel like I'm right there, watching him practice his skills!

  10. Good point--about the niceness.

    Thank you and welcome, Adele.

    (My husband spent some of his elementary school years in S. M. and I've visited there many times. Lovely.)

  11. Thank you Jean! As a frequent visitor to S.M., you probably know all about the deer we have in the upper part of town. I've never captured them on "film" though. No need now, I can just enjoy your photos!


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