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Friday, November 26, 2010

Rico Suave, Lucky Dog, Celebrates

Rico Suave is a rescue dog who is about as lucky as lucky can be.

This is how he spent 10/10/10, at Bear Creek, chasing a red ball that his people threw for him, over and over.

Last night, he celebrated Thanksgiving, greeting guests, eating scraps (he has strong opinions that people food makes fine Rico food) and generally pretending that he's a lap dog.

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  1. I loved knowing Rico!
    seemed like a good and brave dog!

  2. Thanks, Denise. Rico's a fine and funny fellow. I'm happy to know him.

  3. I love Rico, too! He's adorable, and he likes water. My Scout thinks she is allergic to it.

  4. Thanks, Margaret. Rico is definitely a rescue success story: he is beloved by his family.

  5. Darling Rico! He looks like a go-getter. What a sweetie pie.

  6. Petrea, he has personalty-plus. Ans a world class underbite.

  7. Good ol' Rico - get some, buddy!

  8. Best is seeing Rico pretend he's a lap dog--with half of him hanging off the lap in question.


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