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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doe In Autumn

Photographed this afternoon, on our street.

I played a little with this in Picasa, heightening the color saturation and sharpening it (I'm not even sure what the latter function does, but I liked the result).

She is one of a group of three, out for a meander.


  1. Kristen, when you miss them too much, it's a safe bet you can find some here.

  2. Hi Jean,

    Sorry I haven't been around much. No where much at all, but for most of the time writing with other folks, and some different genres, too. Real world stuff!

    Wait a minute, I do write from real experience mostly...

    Oh, well, anyway, I stopped to comment on this photo - it reminds me of a painting!
    As for the colors, I mess about with most every picture I post, at least a little.
    I usually don't go too far with saturation, because I think the practice could be overdone and boorish if overdone. I do push the contrast on most photos though - either I'm going blind or the lens is dirty, etc. (cheap camera?)It does tend to darken things a bit, and a lot of my subjects are dark to begin with, for that matter.

    I like the leaves and foliage here, though. Impressionistic. And the deer, so generous a pose. Romantic. See that bark? Less definition with the contrast heightened, but that's OK, since it doesn't distract from the subject.

    I went and looked at your paintings again. Readin' Banjo et. al., talkin' 'bout erotic this, and colors that, which I don't know from nuthin', but I just see devotion to craft and the art of muscle memory and hand, which I very well understand. Admirable.

  3. Thank you, bandit. This photo and my Woman In Autumn painting go together in my mind.

    I'm interested to learn that you've been doing other writing. Though I also think that the haiku are about real world stuff. (By the way, I read--no genre limitation.)

    I expect that, just liking drawing, the more you do, the better you get. With painting, the expression is "miles on the brush."


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