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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red Bird . . .

In Tree.  This particular tree is dead, so its branches are always bare, excellent for bird perches and for photographing those birds.


  1. you had a great vision,
    since no more leaves on the tree,
    he is gorgeous!
    so delicate and also strong

  2. Bare trees are the tops for photographing birds. Thanks, Denise.

  3. Seems like this one is a regular visitor.

  4. I've seen a cardinal in the flesh only once. Peoria. In a few years and they'll come to be "no big deal" Like peacocks on the loose in Arcadia

  5. Helen, it probably is the same bird I've photographed before. It seemed poufier, but that may just be because of colder weather. I think it nests in the wildlife habitat.

    PA, absolutely right. But. I still get a thrill out of the peacocks. Already I'm not running for the camera every time I see another bird or beast anymore.

    That bobcat you photographed is amazing.


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