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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morning Walk In the Suburb

Some photos from this morning's walk.

You can see some of the leaves are changing color.

The house at the end of the creek has a beautiful rustic fence.

The does actually started to move.  I didn't stick around to find out why.  But the only reason they move this fast around here is when there's a buck around.

The neighborhood cat visited.  She's highly pet-able.


  1. lovely place, everything is so enchanting, almost dreamlike!
    as loge of my reality ...

    enjoy! ;))))

  2. Amazingly, surprisingly enchanting.

  3. Fabulous gate. I love rustic funk solutions. I have too, can't afford better.

    Your cat?

  4. The gate and the fence are amazing. The fence goes on for a ways: this is not a teeny property by my standards, though by suburban standards, it may be.

    No. Just keeps our place as part of her appointed rounds. She's very friendly to humans, in the way of cats: the "rub here, not there, a bit longer, keep going" persuasion.


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