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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Deer

Deer are a common sight in some of  the hilly Austin suburbs.  The deer  near my home are fearless where people are concerned, and not too afraid of cars, either.

This photo was first published yesterday, at Jean's Paintings.


  1. Howdy Jean,

    I wondered who that was from Austin...Ya'll got some cock-eared deer in Texas!
    Thinkin' of takin' a river walk Sunday. I'll keep an eye peeled for some more deer.


  2. Howdy, Bandit. Enjoy your walk.

    If you walked around here, the issue would be avoiding getting between a doe and her fawn, or getting any place near a stag.

    Deer are so plentiful here, they're talking about doing a deer census.

  3. Re: your comment to Margaret. I recently saw a video on YouTube of a doe attacking an innocent dog because the doe's "Bambi" wandered into a residential area. Luckily the dog was fine but gosh, it was awful to watch. I don't think I would like to cross one at the wrong time.

  4. Paula, the last place I lived where there were deer (in LA), the deer were scared of people and would run away, so you didn't give much thought to consequences of ticking off a deer. Here, you've got to be careful.

  5. Families of deer often are sitting in my sister's front yard. They eat her flowers.

  6. Shanna, this is what I saw from my bedroom window. So, I'm starting to build a library of doe photos. Maybe when I have enough, this will morph, like your blog VIEW is sky from your window that grew from reference photos for your paintings.

    Walking the hills where I now live, I can see that everyone in the area I live in gets their tastiest accessible flowers eaten by deer.

    This yard is planted with many things deer distain, like cacti, garlic and ginger, rosemary and palms. It also has bamboo--which grows so plentifully, who can tell if they eat it.

    There's one area that's geographically much less appealing to deer, and that's where the tasty flowering plants last long enough for us to enjoy the flowers.

  7. You are making me homesick.

    I have wanted to spend some time there doing a series on the deer, myself. We are never there long enough...

  8. Shanna, enjoy mine and then do your own, as you get the chance. When you do come to Austin, time permitting, I'd love to draw with you.

  9. Sounds good, Jean. We're coming out the week before Thanksgiving. I'll let you know more...


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