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Friday, September 7, 2012

Young Stags

Photographed as the day was ending, on the hillside.

There were four, hanging out together.  Still with the velvet on their antlers.


  1. And just peaceful, on this day. Not even mock fighting.

  2. A visit from them felt special. Unusual to see them together.

  3. Nice.

    Did a lot of walking. Shopped the market in the square, which is wonderful.

    Made several trips to Chagall windows.

    Made a couple of trips to the Temple of Isis.

    Took the train to Wiesbaden. Charming.

  4. So beautiful. I love those Austin deer.

  5. I am thrilled to get the chance to watch them.

  6. these are healthy boys. The video I caught, one of the stags was missing half his rack

  7. I have to look up Mainze. It's been forever since I was in Europe and don't know if I'll ever afford a trip back - (first choice would be Italy) but I do recall Chagall windows in Switzerland - or maybe it was Monet's Lilly ponds

    never mind - is it cooling down yet?

  8. PA, they look much healthier than the males last year, several of which had sad racks.

  9. Other things Mainz is important for: Gutenberg printing press, one of the centers of early Yiddish language and of Jewish scholarship. It was bombed to bits in WWII, so what is there now that looks old is largely buildings rebuilt in the style of pre-war structures.

    Also site of Roman city, Moguntia , and there are extensive ruins. Those Romans built so well.

  10. We have had some rain, almost an inch where I live, and it is cooler. Cool enough to have the windows open.

  11. Thanks, Sergio.

    They have been especially healthy this year.


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