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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Photographed yesterday, in the meadow.

This fawn was on its own, mom not in sight.

After a lot of munching on leaves, it took off, fast, for its mother, who was uphill, doing her own grazing..


  1. So pretty! I guess we all come running when our mothers call, don't we?

  2. You're quicker with your camera than I've been this summer Jean!!! We had two beautiful 4 point buck still with velvet on their antlers in our "back yard" (we live on the edge of National Forest)...I ran upstairs, got my camera, slipped out the back door and they wandered off before I could get a pic!!! This little one is absolutely precious!!! I love seeing fawn!!!

  3. Oh, the sweetie. I wonderful what the evolutionary advantage is to spots on the young 'uns.

  4. Thanks, Chieftess.

    I actually tend to miss the best photo ops because most times I'd rather experience than photograph.

  5. AH, I wonder if it's just to let the deer elders know that they are dealing with a know- nothing baby that needs protection.


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