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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Birds In A Tree

I photographed these birds yesterday.

It's been very cold these last couple of days (in the 20s, F).  The birds have been hanging out around the birdfeeders, eating and eating and eating.


  1. Those birds do look well fed.

    I talked to Judy on the phone today. She said that it is supposed to snow tonight. She is so excited!

  2. My husband refilled the feeders this afternoon. The birds drained them in one day.

    We just made it home; the streets are starting to ice. No snowflakes yet.

  3. These two look so sweet together. I love the little splash of orange on the left one's head. They're both beautiful.

  4. Susan, I love the splash look too. I think this bird is some kind of woodpecker; it was pecking on the tree trunk.


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