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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mount Bonnell View, December 25, 2010

The view this afternoon, from half-way-down Mount Bonnell.

I used my husband's i-phone.

I've been told that Mount Bonnell is the highest point in Austin, although apparently this is incorrect.

Mount Bonnell has a colorful history.  And is a very short and easy climb.  So, it is a very popular tourist spot, also a romantic one.  It has many areas for sitting and enjoying the view, at least on a somewhat warmer, less windy day.


  1. Looks like a lovely spot. I've never been to Austin but I hear wonderful things about it.

  2. It's truly lovable; pretty and charming--and proud to be weird.

  3. And I haven't even mentioned the off-leash areas, including a beautiful one, with swimming for dogs, by Ladybird Lake.

  4. Mount Bonnell was the place to go park and make out, when I was young and dating.

  5. Shanna, it still is.

    Actually, very comfortable-seeming, for that kind of thing.

  6. I saw Austin from the air when our flight stopped briefly there. I remember seeing a ton of rivers intersecting through the city. I didn't know it was so flat. That must take some time getting used to.

    On rare occassion a woman named SHIELA comments on my blog. She too is a native Cali girl who found herself in Austin working for Apple.

  7. PA, half of Austin is flat, half hilly. And tons of rivers and creeks and lakes and pools, so the streets are very twisted, too, to accommodate the waterways.

    What it isn't is mountainous. And of course no ocean.

    And the trees are shorter.

  8. marvelous!
    a fantastic and lovely place!


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