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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Does In The Hollow, December

These deer were hanging out in the hollow near my house, yesterday morning.

I photographed them from my car.


  1. So green. Does it ever snow in Texas?

  2. Austin does get snow.

    But right now, we're having drought conditions; no rain or snow.

  3. Drought is not good, but compared to the Midwest and California right now - you are not doing too badly!

  4. They are so nice ...
    Excellent photo!

  5. Oh, Helen. Absolutely. The rain and flooding is miserable.

    Thanks, Li.

  6. And the snow in the Midwest. (I am so focused on California.)

  7. Katherine, these suburban deer seem to have it made. No predators, just cars to watch out for. And lots of good grazing.

    I guess their near-future problem is potentially outgrowing the food supply, as they reproduce.


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