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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doe On A December Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, I happened on some does munching on the meadow outside our bedroom window.

I think these are all of the same doe, but there were two that allowed me to photograph them.


  1. I've never seen them this close. This is a real treat!

  2. Shanna, I can't believe how calm they are about photography.

  3. What wonderful candid shots of a normally-elusive animal! You must have been quick and quiet; what kind of camera are you using, may I ask?

  4. Kate, actually, I was kind of noisy. I sang them several choruses of "Mairsy Doats."

    They seem to like it.

    The camera is a Nikon 60.

    I took these through my bedroom window.

  5. The view from your window is
    really fantastic and privileged!


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