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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stag In Grass

This afternoon's stag photo.

He minds having his picture taken much less than many human subjects.


I saw my first deer fatality today.

Body on the sidewalk, being torn at by a buzzard.

I don't know which deer it was.  Just glimpsed it as I drove.


  1. OK, I'm sticking my neck out, and I have scrolled down to see, is this a REAL deer? Almost to gorgous and perfect to be one!

  2. I'd been wishing that I had a camera with me to photograph him--I've been seeing him elsewhere in the neighborhood--when he appeared outside my window.

  3. Oh, he visits you. How lovely. Look at those soft eyes.

  4. And those gorgeous antlers. (He has a fine rack?)

    There are other stags--I've seen at least one other in our immediate neighborhood--so I'm guessing this is about as pristine as he's ever going to look.

  5. I am reminded of he sculptures of Deborah Butterfield (think I got her name right). She has quite a reputation. She makes horses out of sticks, of all things.

    Just wondering...have you tried drawing them? I have so much wanted to but haven't been there long enough.

  6. Shanna, will look up Butterfield now.

    Haven't tried drawing them yet. Feel like I need to know them better first.

  7. Just googled images for Deborah Butterfield. Wow, is she obsessed with horses. They're beautiful and some are familiar, so I guess I seen some of her sculptures before.

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  9. It looks like StagNation to me. Conrad


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