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Friday, October 29, 2010

Red Bird

Drinking water, yesterday.

The amount of energy this bird devotes to checking out surroundings while trying to get a drink is amazing.  And this is in an area well sheltered from predator birds.

Of course, I have seen a cat visiting the yard.


  1. These are great - have never seen such a red bird!

  2. Helen, thank you! I don't know about how unusual this is; I suspect it's pretty common for this part of the US.

  3. You may be right...I don't know birds very well. But I am impressed by the stag out your window. I didn't realize Austin was such a wild place.

  4. Really irresistible straight line:

    Austin is a very wild place, much of it on 6th Street, downtown.

    There's a lot of suburbia and exurbia in Austin area, with amazingly beautiful places where people and other animals co-exist.


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