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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deer In A Clump

The local does attempt to answer the question, How many deer can fit on one small patch of yard?


  1. My goodness, they are brazen in their grazin'!

  2. Jean, when did you sneak this in? I'm really enjoying these. The one of the birds is just superb.

  3. AH, I did it when it dawned on me that my new surroundings were very photogenic. Think of this as snapshots from your friend in Austin.

  4. Austin is a beautiful place.
    I will be there next month!!!

  5. Great! (It's amazingly beautiful--also ugly and ornery. Quite lovable.)

  6. And frank and friendly in a way that it's hard for a metropolis to sustain. Okay--you can tell I'm besotted.


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